Hello! I’m Michael Burns.

Since you are here, you probably already know me…or someone with my name. Please feel free to browse around my personal website. There should be enough information here that you can determine if we have a history.

I have lived and worked in the Phoenix area since 1964. Unfortunately, over the years, I have also lost touch with far too many relatives, friends, colleagues, and clients. Maybe we were classmates, co-workers, or even lovers. Perhaps we met through church, politics, or the local arts community. If your people were named: Woodward, O’Connell, or Vezain, there is even a possibility that we are related. Please feel to contact me.

You may have reached me as a referral from a mutual contact. That probably indicates we may have some common interests. If you don’t know me, you may be a potential client referred to this website by someone I know. Much of my career has been spent on contract assignments in the local semiconductor and aerospace industries. I have been a technician, programmer, technical writer, software designer, and website developer. Several positions have involved technical sales and marketing.

These days, I design commercial websites. My web projects usually display a small design credits logo: “Web-Wildcatter” in the page footers. If you are contacting me about a specific website, please be aware that I may not be maintaining that website. You should use the “Contact Us” tab on the website menu. Those usually go to the webmaster or administrator of the website. Yes, that might still be me.

In this economy, all revenue is welcome. I am willing to consider almost any INTERESTING contract or employment opportunity. My calendar is usually full, but flexible. I have even served as a volunteer webmaster for a local computer club. I don’t consider any experience as wasted. If you need someone with my background, I am willing to listen.

I don’t give out detailed personal information to recruiters making cold contacts. I don’t even give out short form resumes. If you were referred by someone who knows me, then I should know them, and they should know you. That’s how it works. Please use the “Contact Us” tab to introduce yourself. If you checkout, I’ll get back to you.

I am also registered on dozens of other social networking websites under various personas. Most of those are used for SEO, bookmarking my websites. My primary social networks for personal use are: MySpace, LinkedIn, and FaceBook. Locally, in the Phoenix area, I also use MeetUp. Typically, LinkedIn is for professional contacts and MySpace is for relatives, friends, and neighbors. My Facebook pages are still active, but I encourage you to try finding me on one of the others first. My activities on Google+ or Youtube is just for web projects, not personal use.

Have a nice day!

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